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It looks good Clark and it is amazing what we keep in order to make good kit bashes.  I like the look

On Fri, Sep 23, 2022 at 5:24 PM Clark Propst via <> wrote:
Picked up this undec Accurail reefer kit at a swap meet for a "Make me buy it" price. I could use another reefer for my two canning companies.
One photo shows why you need to hoard decals. There are Herald King stripes and old Walthers data sheets in there along with the Odd Ball's set I used with the remains of a Mark Vaughan set. 
Project was pretty straight forward, scrap off the molded on detail and replace with homemade ladders using .020x.020 styrene for the stiles and Tichy rungs. Also used Tichy grabs and wire along with Tangent eye bolts. Intermountain wheels and Kadee 158 couplers. To avoid consistency in my weathering, this model was airbrushed with three different tinted Dullcotes. Off white, brown and black. Photos show mistakes the eye doesn't catch. Even crappy iPhone photos. I had some bubbles in the decals I've since taken care of...I think?
Nice thing about Accurail reefers is you can paint the roof/ends, underframe and sides different colors without any masking. 
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