Re: Airbrushing Water-Base Paints

Scott H. Haycock

I read somewhere about putting a small nut in Vallejo style bottles to aid in mixing via shaking. Don't use a round object such as a ball bearing- it will clog the tip!


Scott Haycock

On 09/25/2022 7:15 PM Lester Breuer <rforailroad@...> wrote:

Jeff asked what method I use to mix Vallejo paints in their bottle?

Jeff I mix the Vallejo paint in their bottle by first shaking the bottle as any paint.  And, then removing the top of the dropper bottle and using a stirring tool I put inside the bottle and stir it manually.  I have included photos of my stirring tools.  The three are: the cupped one from a measuring spoon from a chemistry set, one with a slot that do not remember where I obtained and the third a brass wire flatten on one end with a hammer to make the flat and the other end dipped in a plastic tool coating material available at the hardware store.
The other photo shows top remove and one of the stirring tolls inside an empty bottle for photo.

Lester Breuer

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