Re: Airbrushing Water-Base Paints

Tim O'Connor

Years ago I bought an inexpensive, battery powered paint mixer from Micromark, and I use it for every
brand of paint and it works wonders. In fact, I bought a second one after the first one finally died after
about 15 years of use.

One thing I have learned is never to put un-used paint from a session back into the original bottle. It's
just asking for trouble. This is especially true for acrylic paints -- limit the bottle's exposure to air!  :-)

On 9/25/2022 9:15 PM, Lester Breuer wrote:

Jeff asked what method I use to mix Vallejo paints in their bottle?

Jeff I mix the Vallejo paint in their bottle by first shaking the bottle as any paint.  And, then removing the top of the dropper bottle and using a stirring tool I put inside the bottle and stir it manually.  I have included photos of my stirring tools.  The three are: the cupped one from a measuring spoon from a chemistry set, one with a slot that do not remember where I obtained and the third a brass wire flatten on one end with a hammer to make the flat and the other end dipped in a plastic tool coating material available at the hardware store.
The other photo shows top remove and one of the stirring tolls inside an empty bottle for photo.

Lester Breuer


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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