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Brian Carlson

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Those are great! You probably could sell them on Ebay (or Amazon!) to modelers -- sized for each brand. :-)

On 9/26/2022 2:08 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

After knocking over a few bottles of paint and Tenax, I made  caddies with wide bases to hold the different sizes of paint and glue bottles I use. I drilled through the top piece, then glued that piece onto a base block. I only use Vallejo once to get the right color of red on a Cudahy reefer ends and roof, so I haven’t made a caddie for Vallejo bottles yet. Most of my painting is airbrushing in the paint booth, and I don’t use the caddies there, just when painting at the workbench. I also use a caddie to hold Micro Set and Micro Sol, which are especially prone to getting knocked over without support. The photos shows my caddie collection.


Nelson Moyer


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Thanks Nelson,  that's basically, what I have been doing, but my mixing tools aren't quite as sophisticated.  Actually, I have on occasion spilled paint while pulling the dropper portion  off of the bottle. I'm  looking at a method of mixing that avoids pulling the dropper or hand shaking.  I have some thoughts on what I may experiment  with and will share with the group if I succeed.





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