Re: Airbrushing Water-Base Paints

Nelson Moyer

I read that shaking acrylics introduces fine air bubbles, which is undesirable, and the recommendation was to stir and swirl the bottle to mix. I do both with acrylics, first stir to break up any sediment, the swirl in  a tight circle with the bottom of the bottle resting on the workbench or paint booth. Swirling is a technique for mixing protein solutions where shaking or vortexiing may denature  protein, but it works on all sorts of solutions in the laboratory as well ss for mixing paint. Air is the enemy of paint, and introduction of air reduces shelf life. I use more vigorous mixing for organic solvent based paints, but not for acrylics.


Nelson Moyer


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Jeff there is a commercial solution - vortex paint mixer.    A good one will cost around a hundred dollars.   Since I already have a paint shaker (photo) I have not been willing to make the investment in the vortex type.
Lester Breuer


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