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Ray Breyer

I've got photos of two of those cars, Charlie. They're attached.

I did a little digging, and it looks like these were BUILT by the CB&Q, but directly for Swift. The cars first appear in the SLSE ORER listings around 1926, which is when the Q was building the SM-18 class stock cars. (SM-18: no end doors, built by CB&Q 1926-1928. SM-16: with end doors, built ACF 1922 and CB&Q 1924). The cars always ran under Swift branding (SLSE, SLST, SLSX), but for three different owners: Swift, which sold their car line to Quaker City in 1930, and then to GATX which bought Quaker City in 1934. There was lots of that sort of private car shuffling going on in the early years of the Depression.

Ray Breyer
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Of course I can’t lay hands on it at the moment but I recall seeing a photo of a Armour or Swift stock car that was of CB&Q heritage, possibly a SM16 36’ steel framed car or one of the wood framed look-alikes.

Charlie Vlk


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>>Is there anything close in HO? iirc there were similar stock cars operated by Swift (SLSX).

>Phil Lee


Post-1936, that's because both fleets were GATX cars leased to Armour & Swift. Armour stopped owning their own stock cars around 1910, and Swift around 1932.


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