Re: Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler Issue 30 now online

Larry Goolsby

Ray, thanks for mentioning the ventilated boxcar article - but to clarify, this article was in issue 30:3, 3rd Quarter 2013, of the ACL & SAL HS print publication, Lines South, which covers prototype information only. The new Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler is an online publication and is about modeling, although many articles do include some prototype information as well. 

Unfortunately the 3rd Q 2013 Lines South back issues are sold out, however we are working on a DVD that should include that issue and others to catch up beyond our currently available DVD that has issues from 3rd Q 1999 through 2012. That one (along with available print back issues) is in our catalog at

Any questions, please post them. 

Larry Goolsby 
Editor, Lines South, ACL & SAL HS 

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