Re: Armour Stock Car Photos

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Jack and List Members,

Jack wrote: "According to the Leadville Designs website, the stockcar side framing is 3D printed ABS. The overall kit is multimedia.
I agree with Tim that it looks like heat deformation, probably somewhere in transit, though I suppose incomplete UV curing could be a factor.
Claus, I trust you've contacted the maker so the problem can be resolved"

Jack, you trust correctly. The text interaction is tacked on below, for the benefit of anyone else who might already have (or be considering the purchase of) this kit.

Overall, I find the kit to be a disappointment. This is not an inexpensive kit! Given the price I really would have expected a better product

Claus Schlund

Hi Bill,
Thanks for filling my recent order. Unfortunately there is a problem. The vertical and diagonal truss members that make up the 3-D printed car sides are seriously warped and are nowhere close to straight. See attached image
Also, the underframe has a minor bow in it. I may be able to fix the underframe, but the sides seem unusable.
How shall we proceed? Can you send  me a new set of 3-D printed sides?
Let me know what you think
Claus Schlund

Hi Claus,

Sorry to learn of this!

The members are quite thin and can be affected both during and after UV curing. That said, they are surprisingly resilient. What I have done in the past (and this works actually quite well) is to glue the frame pieces to the etched brass inner wall pieces along the top rail only. Then, gently straighten any bent diagonals one at a time and when they are straight, touch with some ACC to hold in place. In other words, assemble the car normally, but glue the diagonals and verticals last one at a time. Find the position that you like, and then using a pin with some ACC on it; dab in the corners where the sides touch the frames.

Let me know what you think! If this doesn't work out we will either refund your money or send some new printed components.


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