Re: The Nickel Plate Road Historical Society archives on-line

Drew M.

Bob Kocsis of the DicoveRY Museum on Lee Street in Buffalo, NY showed me the two rooms (so far) the NKPT&HS occupies on the second floor of the museum and explained they are dependant on volunteers to do the scanning and uploading. One room was locked so we did not enter but the other was being prepped to receive archival material so the door was open. It was a sizable space with just one window. I was more interested in the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Society's files which were being taken out of plastic tubs and placed in archival boxes. A very interesting place to visit if one is ever in the Buffalo area.

Drew Marshall in South Jersey

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I haven't seen any mention here of the new on-line presence of the NKPHTS archive at:

Mostly photos so far, I know they also have a drawing collection.

Dennis Storzek

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