Re: Rapido Southern Pacific USRA SS boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Your left hand car is what it looks like after it rains, under medium dark clouds.

And your right hand car is what it looks like on a sunny day in the southwest, around noon.

You need to specify the WEATHER on your model railroad if you're going to get it all right.

On 10/8/2022 1:48 PM, radiodial868 wrote:

Shoot me now. Another color controversy.
I was about to paint 3 more SP BX-13/-14 Sunshine kits, when my Rapido SS USRA cars showed up (left in photo).  And what is this? poop brown?
Following a long running discussion a couple years back on this group, I settled on using Tru-Color SP Freight paint based upon many convincing arguments and examples.
Since I have a bunch of the upcoming B-50-15 & -16s on order too, I guess I'm going to have to explore rubbing red oxide Pan Pastel onto these. The difference is too great to be explained away as "newly painted", "sun-fading" or 'soot accumulation".

The Rapido cars are a good reminder that I need to do a better job of sanding the bejeebers out of the cast kit resin running boards, though.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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