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Paul Doggett


I know Intermountain produced them but not sure of the details about them I suspect that they were all produced to the same pattern.
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On 11 Oct 2022, at 16:12, Dave Wetterstroem <framemakers@...> wrote:

Has anyone made a list of what manufactures have made PS-1 boxcars in HO scale and what attributes each model has? 

Something like Kadee 40' PS-1 Boxcar 10 panel, 6' Youngstown Door etc. 
I am trying to build my fleet of C&O boxcars. I have the data on these, but don't know which model would be the closest for each series. I realize that in today's world, just because it was made, doesn't mean you will be able to find it, but it would be nice to see what options are available in a single list. 

Road Series Description Built date Quantity Built Quantity 1952 Door Opening Door Style Panels
C&O 15000-15999 PS-1 40' Boxcar Feb-48 1000 975 6' 7P Sup1 12
C&O 16000-16999 PS-1 40' Boxcar Dec-50 1000 2496 8' YSD-2 10
C&O 17000-17999 PS-1 40' Boxcar Sep-51 1000 8' YSD-2 10
C&O 18000-18499 PS-1 40' Boxcar Jun-52 500 8' YSD-2 10
C&O 18500-18999 PS-1 40' Boxcar Jun-52 500 500 8' 6P Sup1 10


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