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John Nehrich <nehrij@...>

Richard - I ran to my Cycs. thinking this would be an easy task to post a
picture, but realized I could find any. If you can send me the scan(s), I'd
be glad to post them on our ECW section so other people can refer to them,
too. - John

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I asked the PM-list:
I am working on an ECW 90 ton depressed center flat in HO and a pair of
same from GHQ in N and would like to decorate all of them in appropraite
NYC paint/decals. Are there any photographs of this flat available?
color did the NYC paint these cars?
I have both builder's and in-service photos of these cars which show both
original and later lettering arrangements. Though both photos are b/w, it
appears to me that, in both the 1941 builder's shot and the 1943
photo, the cars are painted mineral red; perhaps Jeff English can
us further on this subject. I can scan my photos for you if you can
receive JPEG files.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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