Re: Wabash HO Box Cars for early to mid 1950s?

Rob Adams


    If you are modeling the early to mid-1950's, the original small flag emblem is absolutely appropriate on many Wabash steel box cars. I've seen paint and stenciling diagrams with references to the emblem being added starting in 1948.  This is confirmed by the photographic record. Certainly by 1949-50, the Flag emblem was being applied to new steel cars. A specific example from January 1950 is for the 8000-8299 series cars. A diagram for subsidiary NJI&I series 100-199 from October 1949 also specifies the emblem. The emblem also found its way onto the steel rebuilds of the 82000-85000 series, as well as the 86000 10'6" IH Modified AAR box cars. The Wabash built or purchased several variants of post-war box cars which would all have worn the small flag emblem during your time frame.

    Branchline, Yarmouth Model Works, Intermountain, Sunshine, Speedwitch and others have produced viable options for your roster. Note that while the Wabash did own some 10' IH 1937 AAR box cars later on, they were purchased second hand in the early 1960's so would not be appropriate for your needs.

    If you have interest, I can likely provide Wabash ORER pages that are in temporal proximity to the year you are modeling.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

On 10/6/22 3:47 PM, reporterllc via wrote:
I model the Wabash in the early to mid 1950s and have come to realize that I don't have enough Wabash box cars. It would seem I need more 40 ft. steel cars that are accurate. I have a few rebuilds from Sunshine and Proto 50 ft cars (not exactly accurate) and Speed Switch Single Sheath cars. (I also have some Atlas USRA rebuilds too.) I don't have access to an OER for the time period. 

What is out there for 40 ft. Wabash, steel box cars that are close or can be modified. (Note that flags on the cars don't fit my era.) How about the old Red Caboose or Cannonball Car Shops cars? I need cars that have separate grab irons and ladders.

Victor Baird
John Robert Adams
Wellman, Iowa

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