Re: Rapido single sheathed box cars


Hi Chris,

I received my two cars this week--one Milwaukee and one C&NW. 

- First Impression: Very nice models, good paint color, good lettering, nice weight, very well built, nice detail all around.  A welcome addition to the fleet.

- Second Impression: I really don't like the spaces between the boards but I understand why the manufacturer did that.  The Tichy model is much better rendered.  Both my cars came with K brakes (with AB brake parts in a separate baggie--a nice touch).  However, I think both K and AB brake renderings are poor, and paint on the underframe is very heavy (obscuring what little detail is on the brake parts).  I'm replacing the brakes with Cal Scale.  The trucks: No.  Replacing with TMW Andrews.  Running board is alright but both of mine came a little bent out of shape.  Running board detail is poor.  Nothing a modeler can't fix.  

Bottom Line: Good models and I'm happy to have them, and I'll keep them, but a carefully-built Gould/Tichy car with TMW trucks beats this model hands down.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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