Re: CB&Q 36' Livestock Car Kit

Nelson Moyer

I attached some closeup photos before spraying flat finish for you can evaluate prototype fidelity. The side and end grab irons are etched as part of the niclel silver overlay, so as a result, they do not stand off from the sides 4 in. because the Z channels lack three dimentional depth. The roof overhang on the sides and ends is clearly shown, as is the end fascia overhang. The ladders suffer the same issue as the grab irons. The nickel silver overlay in my kit snagged the brass frets, distorting the ladders grab irons, and sill step. While I straightened them as best I could, it was impossible to restore them to their original condition. The side view shows the waviness from having to cut and glue the 3D printed frame to remove bowing. Heat treatments didn't work, as the frame assumed the bow when it cooled. The gap at the A end bolster is a result of heat distortion from repeated attempts to straighten the frame. Also note the misalignment of the Z-channel sawtooth and the bolsters. The bottom side ladder grab rions should be half-drop type.

Kit enhancements included Hy Tech details air hoses and Precision Scale air hose hangers in addition to the parts mentioned earlier.

I pieced together decals from four different scrap sheets from Sunshine and Speedwitch to get all of the lettering, as the decals supplied in my pilot kit are for the SM-16 and the model is the SM-18. The hearald letter board is slight short for third party decals. I measured the heralds on Sushine, Speedwitch, and Leadville Designs and the latter was smaller than the other two, which were identical.

 Nelson Moyer

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