Coal Deliveries & tractors

Ted Larson

I spent many late 50's - early 60's summer hours watching GN through
and way freights in my small central Minnesota home town. Coal was
delivered to the team track in hoppers (type and roadname unknown).
The local coal dealer brought a gasoline powered wheeled 2 section
unloading conveyor to the site. The first section was placed under a
hopper outlet. It was raised on one end to dump into the second
section which elevated the coal and dropped it into the delivery truck.
The conveyor section that went under the hopper was wide enough so
that there was only a small amount of spillage. Agricultural lime was
unloaded from hoppers the same way. I presume that each customer had
his own unloading conveyor, but I don't KNOW that.

Thanks for the recent comments about tractor factories on the M&STL. I
understand that farm equipment loads could have shipped on anybodies
flat, however I would like to hear additional information about what
railroads served which factories. I have a vague recollection that
MILW served 2 MM factories in Mpls, but I would not bet on that.

Ted Larson

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