Re: Sylvna kits of CN/GTW steel rebuilds

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Hi Bill:

Can anyone comment on the Sylvan resin kits that represent steel rebuilds of
CN & GTW single sheathed cars. Comments not just on the casting but quality
of the decals would be appreciated. Clare is an excellent modeler and
person, but I have not built any of his kits to date.
I'm probably one of the key data suppliers to this project but haven't built any of the resultant kits (yet). As a general comment on Sylvan kits, one of their challenges is to ensure that their mould release is addressed before painting. Sylvan sells a special fluid to address this (and a lacquer thinner bath probably would help too!).

I haven't seen the Sylvan decals for these kits so have no comments on same. The alternative CNR lettering source (at this time) would be to acquire the CDS equivalent lettering. In addition to specific car-type sets, CDS has a dimensional data set which would allow you to build your own "correct" dimensional/capacity data and reweigh stuff for any CNR car on a decal sheet (get out the optivisor for this task).

In the longer run, we (as in the CN lines SIG) intend to issue a comprehensive lettering "tool box format" of CNR-family freight car decal material which will feature some of the CNR's varied freight fonts but that project is at least a couple of years away. We do have a top notch set of tilted green maple leaf monograms (four per package) available as CN Lines SIG product 300-8.

Paint-wise there are both Scalecoat 1 and Modelflex versions of CNR Red No. 11 available from dealers. The CN Lines SIG is the distributor of the Scalecoat 1 version which is only available from few U.S. dealers (so far).

I am thinking about doing one of the cars with the Hutchins roof, # HO-1090
if I understand their information correctly. Were the cars in the
470000-470149 group eventually transferred to GTW? The description with the
kits at their web site is unclear.
This is an interesting question. These cars were always rostered, marked and ORER'd as CNR cars. That said, the GTR may have been responsible for all their re-weighs and car maintenance as all the in-service photos I have seen show the station symbol as "VT" (which is Battle Creek MI).

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