Re: Loading Trucks From Boxcars (1952)

Dennis Storzek

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 07:00 PM, Robert G P wrote:
Interestingly the truck in the foreground is a Milk truck. Wonder what it is being loaded with?
Something in large, paper wrapped bundles that are sticking out the back of the truck. My guess is some sort of paper product; obviously not something that needs refrigeration, since it's coming out of a common boxcar. Paper cups, maybe? Those would be pretty light weight.

Of note is the forklift on the bed of the truck beyond, you can see the safety cage over the front of the dairy truck body, and a bit of the counterweight.

The third truck down (trailer only) is receiving a load of lumber, looks like all big plank.

Dennis Storzek

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