Re: RTR Intermountain War Emergency Nickel Plate boxcar

Paul Doggett


Yet another great looking car excellent work.

Paul Doggett 

On 17 Oct 2022, at 20:35, Charlie Duckworth via <Worth51@...> wrote:

Here’s IM war emergency boxcar RTR. I went over the steel parts of the carbody with a wash of Vallejo grey black and then a Qtip dipped in 91% alcohol.  Went over the factory lettering with a sharp blade to distress it.  Roof was picked out with a mix of oils; sealed with Dullcote and then PanPastels went on the roof. After the pastels I went back a second time and picked out some other spots where the paint on the roof faked off.  Sides sealed with my Dullcote mix to blend it all together.  42FB30AB-B9D1-4B5C-A0A2-6E4D69DF58AF.jpeg071E4B8F-66A3-41CF-83D1-09CE7639E2BD.jpegF2B636CF-8066-4C20-B5C1-2C17726F434E.jpeg
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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