Re: Pacific Fruit Express - Express Refrigerator Cars

Charlie Vlk

My comment was from the perspective of a student of Model Railroad product decisions.
That somebody decided it would be a good decision to seemingly randomly flip open a Cyclopedia and tool up a truck to be used on almost all the Lionel product for decades is interesting to me.
Allied Full Cushion trucks are more numerous but would have been an equally weird choice if, say, Irv Athearn had decided to equip all his kits with it.
In terms of numbers in use and word selection weird may not be the thesaurus choice you would have used but while I’ve seen photos of cars with those trucks I never saw any trackside….many more common types that have not been modeled in any scale, but S-G XL were made in the millions by Lionel???!!!! THAT is weird!
Charlie Vlk

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