Re: Allen McClelland has had a stroke

Gerry Fitzgerald

This is very sad news indeed. Allen McClelland’s published work on the V&O captivated me a young person in the hobby and has kept me in model railroading ever since.


Unfortunately Allen won't see the publication of Tony's new book on his contributions to the hobby. While I never got to see either V&O layout in person, I was lucky enough to have had lunch with Tony and Allen at an NMRA regional meet in West Virginia during my first or second year of graduate school. Tony invited me to sit down with them to eat as I was close at hand and he already knew me and there was a small crowd following them around. As I recall Tony might have done most of the talking but Allen seemed like a nice person and he cordially answered all my V&O questions. I am not sure what I asked him but he was very accommodating. Had I known I was going to meet him I would have brought along a copy of the V&O Story.  


I wrote a think piece on the historical impact of the V&O for the Fall 2008 Layout Design SIG Journal (LDJ 39) and I am very glad that I did since the V&O will always be the biggest reason I got more interested in the hobby. I have a number of WWII era V&O freight cars in my fleet for interchange and operational use.


Allen will be missed by many as his various contributions made our hobby much more realistic, fun, and interesting. My condolences to Mr. McClelland’s family.

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