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Eric Hansmann



I think this B&O M-26a box car in the Delano photo is wearing the original paint and lettering. Well, what’s left of the lettering. Attached is a cropped view of the car. I also adjusted the exposure and levels for a better look at the details. The car was among a batch built in 1927. If it had received major repairs in the mid-1930s or later, there would be two grab irons at the left end of the car side. It may have also have had AB brake hardware installed, but I’m pretty certain the original KC hardware is on this car.


Compare the lettering with the attached builder image of B&O 268000. Note how the reporting marks, car number, and weigh data lines are aligned closer to the grab iron at the left. Later photos of M-26 class cars show the lettering placement moved a few inches to the right and is lined up with a rivet line on the sheathing. The rivet line to the right of the seam between steel panels.


For those who point out that the white lines above and below the B&O reporting marks on the color image are gone, you would be correct. They have weathered away. B&O practices did not drop those lines by the time of the photo, or any time in the 1930s when this car could have been refreshed.


The sooty roofs, chalk marks, and route card also catch my eye.



Eric Hansmann

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On the other hand, here's a link to another 1943 Delano photo

Well, there was supposed to be a link.
Here it is; B&O boxcar center foreground:


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