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The CN Lines SIG sells a nice 1945-1954 era tilted Green Maple Leaf monogram decal (Bob Smith of Railcad's artwork) through our many Canadian dealers and certain U.S. dealers. We list this set as follows.

300-8dm 1945 to 1954 CNR green maple leaf monograms - set of four.
Canadian suggested retail price $3.50, U.S. suggested retail price US$2.50.

I've built one Sylvan kit. The casting are white resin. I wasn't happy with the
decals or deckels to the Sylvan people. I have another car completed using their
roof and ends. Roof is like a Murphy with on raised panels and the ends are like
PS1's with verticle stiffeners.
This was called the "welded" roof (it is depicted in a Cyc from that era) and was applied to the last 100 cars (470150-470249) of the overall 470000-470249 series. The good old CNR favorite, the Hutchins Dry Lading roof was used on the first 150 cars.

Anyway, I emailed them to see if they make Maple
Leaf deckels. I need them for the car, but haven't heard back it's been over a

Bill Welch wrote:

Can anyone comment on the Sylvan resin kits that represent steel rebuilds of
CN & GTW single sheathed cars. Comments not just on the casting but quality
of the decals would be appreciated. Clare is an excellent modeler and
person, but I have not built any of his kits to date.

I am thinking about doing one of the cars with the Hutchins roof, # HO-1090
if I understand their information correctly. Were the cars in the
470000-470149 group eventually transferred to GTW? The description with the
kits at their web site is unclear.

Bill Welch

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