Re: Tichy Train Group #3070 Boxcar Door Hardware

Charles Greene

Thanks,'re right about #5, and it's confirmed by Don Tichy in an e-mail response to the query I mentioned in my post (wouldn't you know....had problems getting a response in the past, but soon as I mentioned it here, Don himself answered!). He referred me to instructions for the hardware on his website ( In my case, both thicknesses of #5 are too much so I used .010" styrene strip which allows the door guides (the unnumbered row above #4) and stops (#4) to just clear the door edges. Tichy's door hangers apparently go way back, long before my 1920s modeling era. I found something similar in the 1879 Car Build. Dict. so Don's assortment covers a long period; in fact, he does describe one design of hanger as "early". The tops of my doors are concealed by 1/16" angle stock which I think represents weather protection of the door track on a prototype car. Don't think I'll go for adding hangers with their rollers at the door tops....would require increasing the size of that angle stock to something out-of-scale. I'm already fairly satisfied with the detail I have added (!). 

Chuck Greene
St. Charles, IL 

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