Re: new website

Gary Ray

Hi Bruce,

I will ask my daughter who set up the template for me how to add that to the site.  Eventually I'll add content (just thinking on Making Fast Track Switches, having roads go into backdrop, useful article locations when I published PCR Sierra Division newsletter, using CAD.)  It is great to have a daughter that designs web sites.  I'm still learning how to modify the template.

I appreciate that you know how much time goes into developing a website. 


Gary Ray

Azle, TX

On 11/18/2022 7:44 PM, Bruce Griffin wrote:


Thank you for sharing. I only looked at the website briefly (I will dig deeper this weekend) and am sure there is much we can all learn from your work. Is there a link to subscribe to the blog? It is helpful to have a way to get an email when updates are added. Thank you for taking the time and considerable effort to document your efforts for our benefit. 

Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD


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