Re: Chicago Great Western Covered Hopper 70057

gary laakso

It is a really good looking car and your brake piping really stands out.  Thanks for the “how to” information.

Gary Laakso
Northwest of Mike Brock

On Nov 26, 2022, at 4:58 PM, Lester Breuer <rforailroad@...> wrote:

I built and upgraded a Bowser Chicago Great Western (CGW) covered hopper kit.  I built the Bowser covered hopper car in CGW class LO, numbered 70057.  The Bowser covered hopper kit including lettering is an excellent match for its CGW prototype.  Upgrade includes modifying hatches to type 1b, cutting off molded grab irons and ladder rungs and adding wire grab irons & ladder rungs, underbody details, etc.  If you are interested in the build of  Chicago Great Western hopper which is much like my previous Rock Island hopper build, photos and write up of the build process are now available on my blog I have to share photos and writeup of modeling projects on my Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company.  If you would like to take a look please do at the following link:


Lester Breuer


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