Re: Viking roof for Branchline AAR 1937 boxcar.

James Brewer

FWIW, here is a link from the N&WHS archives of a Viking Roof:

Jim Brewer

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In the rook picture I counted 12 “holes” in the ruinning board between two taller section of the roof.  I suspect that means there is 3ft between those sections.  ^ flat sections between the 5 lover ribs so that would be six inches apart.


That sound plausible for specifying the appearance of these roofs?


Dave Nelsdon


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Viking roof and a drawing of the seam clamp

On 12/19/2022 1:43 PM, Benjamin Scanlon via wrote:

This picture of a Viking roof is interesting.

I have seen model Viking roofs where there is a flat section between the corrugations and the roof 'cross members' (unsure if that is the correct term.)

But on this roof, the cross members look as though they sit on top of the actual corrugations. 

I have seen an O scale model of an Erie car that depicted this. See attached, which comes from 'Gene's P48 Blog'. (Sorry I do not know the gentleman's name, he is probably on this group.)

So, I don't know if there is more than one style of this type of Viking roof. 


Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England
Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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