Re: Ann Arbor Ry. Caboose

James Brewer


I don't think this helps much, but the N&WHS archives show these two paint/stenciling drawings:

It is possible NWHS has more info that hasn't been cataloged.

Jim Brewer

On Sat, Dec 24, 2022 at 3:36 PM Dave Lawler <davelawler@...> wrote:
Good day and merry Christmas everyone,
Would anyone have or know where I could find a dimensional drawing of one of  Ann Arbor's three window, wood, offset cupola cabooses in the 28XX number series.
I'd like to scratch build or kit bash a model since I cannot find a commercial RTR or kit for one. Any guidance in this regard greatly appreciated.
Thank you and best regards,
Dave Lawler
Avon Lake, Ohio

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