How did they ... ?

Jim Betz

Merry Christmas - ALL,

  I was reading Lester Breuer's excellent blog and came across a model of a gon
with a lumber load.  The load was "3 groups tall" with each group being 'about
the height of the side of the gon' ... in other words the bottom group is essentially
completely down into the gon.  It does not appear that the stacks in Lester's
great build are banded - but they are separated into 3 sections (tall) with dunning
and you could get the forks of a fork lift between the layers.
  The upper two groups in each stack could easily be loaded/unloaded using a fork

  ===> How did they load/unload the stacks that were -inside- the gon?

  I'm going to guess it was "by hand, one stick at a time" ... correct?

                                                                                      - Jim in the PNW

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