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Our CN Lines SIG product stocking dealers in the U.S. are Flying Yankee (John Hutchins) of Littleton MA, AA Hobbies in Rhode Island, and Des Plaines Hobbies. In Canada, the dealer list is much longer.

While we are on the topic of our CN Lines SIG products, I should mention that we also currently have decal sets for CNR tank cars (two versions) and the CNR's S.U.F reefers.

Our Scalecoat 1 paint line consists of 18 colors which may be compared with Scalecoat's own current line of less than 70 shades to cover all possibilities.

In the paint line we have two freight car mineral reds, the steam-era CNR Red No. 11 and the somewhat darker Red No. 12 which became the standard after 1968. We also have several useful grays including Grey No. 11 for those overhead ice bunker reefers, CNR Grey No. 12 for later covered hoppers and two CPR-origin grays. Other colors of potentially wider interest include Yellow No. 11, a nice "Imitation Gold" and a model friendly "Warm Black". It is a great "near-black" that is excellent for the black prototypes which lose their detail when a straight "pure" black is used.

The overall point is we have custom-made Scalecoat 1 colors that may have uses well beyond our narrow CNR and CPR needs.

End of infomercial . .

Thanks, Stafford,
Who do I get a set from?

Stafford Swain wrote:


The CN Lines SIG sells a nice 1945-1954 era tilted Green Maple Leaf
monogram decal (Bob Smith of Railcad's artwork) through our many
Canadian dealers and certain U.S. dealers. We list this set as

300-8dm 1945 to 1954 CNR green maple leaf monograms - set of four.
> Canadian suggested retail price $3.50, U.S. suggested retail price US$2.50.
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