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I don't know whether or not Sunshine still offers there SantaFe R-11
but if they do an you can use one it is highly recommended. I'm not a Santa
nut but will stand by my earlier statement to the effect that said reefer is
best resin kit I have ever seen or built, bar none!

Take care, Don Valentine
I agree, that Sunshine's' Rr-5 - Rr-9 & 11 kits make a nice model, a tribute
to Frank Hodina's work with the masters. Those kits (#'s 16.1 & 16.2) were the
first accurate SFRD's in resin. On the list compiled by Tim O'Connor, these
are listed as "discontinued 2002." Sunshine still offers the Duryea
underframe reefers Rr-21 & Rr-29's and the plug door cars. As far as I can tell
Intermountian's SFRD reefer has been available only in RTR form recently, which
makes me wonder if it too is being phased out for now. I guess you can't fault a
manufacturer for withdrawing a product when sales decline (assuming that's the
case) It would be nice if either the Intermountian (in kit form) or earlier
Sunshine kits will be reintroduced.

There's also the Westerfield USRA style SFRD's, a number of which didn't get
rebuilt into steel cars until the early 1950's.

Tom Casey

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