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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Seth and List Members,

Thanks Seth for this excellent write-up regarding possibilities for this car.

If you compare the Athearn 40ft HO flat (an example of which seen at the link below...)

with the Atlas 40ft N scale flat (an example of which seen at the link below...)

it is plain to see that Atlas simply made an N scale model of Athearn's HO scale model.

Thus the comments on the HO Athearn model apply equally well for us N scale modelers.


Claus Schlund

On 11-Dec-22 14:14, Seth Lakin via wrote:

Tim's list included:

40' flatcar              Rutland (by sheer coincidence!)

The Rutland 2700-2799 ACF 1910 40' flat can easily be modeled by using the Athearn Blue Box 40' flat. The modeling process described by Richard Hendrickson in the in the Aug 1993 Railmodel Journal has been pointed to as the conversion steps to a more accurate Rutland 2700 series flat since its publication.     

However there is a couple of additions that have that has been over looked, but didn't come to light until Roger Hinman's articles on NYC flatcars in the 4th Quarter 2018 and 1sr Quarter 2019 Central Headlight from the New York Central System Historical Society.

The Rutland's 100 cars was in reality a split of a 500 car order, 400 for the Rutland's parent at the time, the New York Central & Hudson River. Originally numbered NYC&HR 31293-31692 they were renumbered to NYC 495293-495692 starting in 1916. The cars were classified as lot 255-F in NYC's lot numbering system. 

There are more NYC flats that closely match the Athearn 40' as well. 
Lot 282-F Pullman 1912 NYC&HR 130000-130499 and renumbered to NYC 498000-498499 beginning in 1916
Lot 344-F Michigan Central St Thomas 1916 MC 32750-32899 Renumbered to CASO 482750-482899 c.1941
Lot 345-F Michigan Central West Detroit 1916 MC 32700-32749 renumbered to NYC 482700-482749

Then one more that is very similar but with a slight overhang on the deck
Lot 300-F Standard Steel Car 1913 B&A 16000-16399 

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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