Re: ScaleTrains HO Scale PFE Reefer Kit

Tim O'Connor

My photos agree with Bruce -- I have a shot of 68400 roof with DP roof.

Also 68245, 68428, and 68431 all have tongue in groove wood sheathing, rather than plywood.

I think some of these cars ran until the end of ice service.

On 1/8/2023 4:43 AM, B.L. Griffith wrote:

Per the chart on page 157 of Pacific Fruit Express Second Edition; R-40-24 numbered 65921-68532.  Scale Trains preorder signup lists car numbers 66123, 67046, 67412 being offered.

Subtracting the last 200 per Tony’s instruction above gives us a low car number of 68332 IF the cars were numbered in sequence as they were finished.  As Tony is one of the authors of the PFE book, maybe he can offer more info on this.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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