Re: ScaleTrains HO Scale PFE Reefer Kit

Tim O'Connor

I know some R-40-24 reefers had expanded metal running boards (Transco? Gypsum?) but the model appears
to have grid-style running boards (Apex et al). Just another factoid to be aware of. :-)

On 1/8/2023 3:06 PM, Chris Barkan wrote:

I saw the new (to reefers at the Prototype Rails show last week and took the attached photo of them. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the roof question at the time so my photo is from the wrong angle for that.  You can see the underframe though.  The photo and renderings on the their website indicate a rectangular panel roof (see attached).

Tony Thompson and others on this list were also there so perhaps one of them took a look and can verify or revise.

It is not evident to me that this car has much to offer us unless ScaleTrains plans to substantially upgrade the details per their Rivet Counter Line.
Chris Barkan
Deerfield, MA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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