Re: ScaleTrains HO Scale PFE Reefer Kit

B.L. Griffith

More excerpts from the PFE book, pages 145-148;

page 145 “The material specifications in the shop orders for rebuilding of the -24 class specify “Harborite” exterior plywood for car sides.  The old underframe, whether a 30-ton or 40-ton underframe, was reused, as on earlier rebuilds.”

Caption to diagram on page 146 “Ajax brake gear and Apex running board shown but others makes of specialties were also applied.”

page 148; ”After 1955, the plywood was no longer repaired, but instead the entire car side was re-sheathed with T&G siding.”  “The number of cars which received T&G replacement siding is not known,”

I guess the bottom line is if I buy one and later find photo verification that the makeup of that specific car is wrong, I’ll have to change the number to one that is correct or not worry about it.

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