Re: Side dump cars

Richard Hendrickson

John Nehrich wrote:

Bob Schliecher had an article maybe a decade ago on the side dump cars,
and said that while intended mainly for ballast, on occasion they were
used for coal. I think that while sometimes they were used for on-line
coal service, I would be interested in any proof or hint that these cars
went off-line.
I've never seen any photographic evidence that Hart Selective ballast
hoppers or the similar cars with dump mechanisms by Enterprise and other
mfrs. (which I assume are the cars you're talking about) ever went off
line, regardless of who owned them. So I'm as skeptical as you are.
There's evidence that some RRs (e.g., the UP) sometimes hauled coal in
them, but with the cars being costly to build and maintain and intended
primarily for ballast service, I can't imagine any RR willingly allowing
them to go off line in interchange.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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