Re: Stock cars in foreign territory.

Tim O'Connor

For a large yard oriented layout, like a club, that may have hundreds or even a thousand freight cars,
having NO unusual cars would also seem to be a bit arbitrary and unlikely, since major transit yards
probably had at least a few highly unusual cars every day... For operations the trick is for those cars
NOT to appear in every op session.

On 1/9/2023 3:55 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

Gene Deimling wrote:

A while back I came across a picture of a M-K-T stock car in a NWP train heading south towards the Bay Area. I have attached the picture.  Katy expert, Bruce Blalock, said that their stock cars were sent offline to deliver cattle possibly used for breeding stock. 

Somewhere I have a photo of a Katy stock car in the yard at San Luis Obispo, and the Jim Gerstley slide collection includes a Reading coal hopper at Los Angeles. I have decided not to model either one, as I believe those had to be rare occurrences.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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