Re: Erie Straight-Sill gon kitbash?

Tim O'Connor


The Athearn gondola is not a prototype of anything, but the Erie did have some 48 foot straight side gondolas
with fishbelly center sills -- This one (ERIE 15850) had drop ends. It's a 1960 photo so I think it is a renumbered
car from series 14000 to 14499. Most Erie gondolas seem to have drop ends in 1950.

On 1/9/2023 8:08 PM, nyc3001 . wrote:

Was there ever a straight-sill Erie gon that resembled the Athearn 50' mill gon? I purchased what was claimed to be an Erie gon kitbash, but it turns out the 14500 series had fishbelly side sills.

-Phil Lee

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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