Re: Erie Straight-Sill gon kitbash?

Tim O'Connor

The weird structure in ERIE 15850 is actually part of the car -- It is used for handling specific
types of export crates. Also, the ends must have been welded shut because the car is listed as
having solid ends in this configuration. There were 100 cars in this series, all so equipped ! I wonder
if anyone out there ever took a photo of a loaded car. :-)

The cars were operated like this for years!

On 1/10/2023 6:32 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:


The Athearn gondola is not a prototype of anything, but the Erie did have some 48 foot straight side gondolas
with fishbelly center sills -- This one (ERIE 15850) had drop ends. It's a 1960 photo so I think it is a renumbered
car from series 14000 to 14499. Most Erie gondolas seem to have drop ends in 1950.

On 1/9/2023 8:08 PM, nyc3001 . wrote:
Was there ever a straight-sill Erie gon that resembled the Athearn 50' mill gon? I purchased what was claimed to be an Erie gon kitbash, but it turns out the 14500 series had fishbelly side sills.

-Phil Lee

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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