Re: NKP 1944 AAR Boxcar - C&BT Upgrade #3

Tim O'Connor

I have no photos, but they were 10 panel riveted 10-6 box cars with a 4/4 improved dreadnaught end,
SRE rectangular panel roof, 8 rung ladders, Ajax hand brake, Apex running board, and 7 panel 7 foot
Superior doors 5000-5249). Built by Pullman Standard !

On 12/19/2022 8:50 PM, Bruce Griffin wrote:

This is an old thread and the photos that were attached are gone. I am wondering if anyone has a photo of Bob’s model (I emailed Bob a few days ago and haven’t heard back, hoping all is well) of a NKP 5100 series post war AAR boxcars? I have an Atlas assembled model of NKP 5150 and am wondering what changes need to made to get it closer to the prototype. A photo of the stock model is attached. Thank you for any insights.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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