Re: Broadway Limited 6,000 Gallon Tank Cars/ Walthers newly-announced tank cars - same prototype?

Tim O'Connor

LOL -- The B&M, CofG and P&LE cars are ALL 10-0 inside height 1937 AAR box cars!

Those D&RGW cars did have 4/5 ends but they were 10-4 inside height. They also had 12 panel sides. I think Yarmouth made kits.

The junk model vendors continue to pursue dreams of mediocrity. :-D

On 1/10/2023 7:12 PM, Brian Carlson via wrote:

It’s hard to tell. There is no gallonage info in the Walthers ad. Could be similar. However, I’ve learned to never trust Walthers ad copy. 

Case in point. The B&M 40’ modified AAR boxcar on the next page. B&M had none. The car in question was a typical 10’ car. 73000-73199. 

Brian J. Carlson 

Tim O'Connor
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