Re: Broadway Limited 6, 000 Gallon Tank Cars/ Walthers newly-announced tank cars - same prototype?

Bruce Smith


What's your issue with the BLI underframe? I'm holding one in my hand from the previous run as I type this and it sure looks like an AC&F underframe to me.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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The illustrations do not show an ACF underframe. It looks like Walthers applied a new tank body to their
truly ancient el cheapo 8k tank car (ex Varney?) . That frame has no prototype as far as I know and the one
shown in their illustration looks rather odd too.

The EBAX car from Walthers is the correct size and lettering for those cars, but the frame? Urf.

The Broadway cars also appear to have a fantasy frame. :-(

Oh well.

Speaking of tank cars, I recently lined up several (well, 8) TANGENT tank cars and examined them. The DETAILS
differ from car to car, even of the same general design. The domes are different, the walkways are different, the outlets
are different. TANGENT really goes the extra distance!! It makes other plastic tank car models look ridiculous.

On 1/10/2023 6:32 PM, Steven D Johnson wrote:

Saw this from Walthers today:


Isn’t the Walthers car representing the same prototype as the Broadway Limited car?


Steve Johnson

Nashville, TN 



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Broadway Limited has announced a new round of 6,000 gallon ACF tank cars in HO. There are some new schemes and some reruns. This time they are selling them as 2-packs, often with two different schemes on the two cars. To see both schemes in a 2-pack, you have to click on the artwork, then go through the 4 images in the pop-up window.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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