Re: Mystery box

Benjamin Scanlon

I did ask another question, about the 3-7-8 end cars, and whether there were many *visible* differences between the L&N and Wabash rebuilds, seeing as they had very similar ends, I think the same doors, rectangular panel roofs, same number of side panels and so on.  (I know the Wabash cars were not rebuilt from 1924 ARA cars, but I am no expert on details like door gear and brakes and so on.)

I believe one key difference would be that the L&N ARA rebuilds were 10' IH as they were a 1937 AAR equivalent, whereas I think I dragged up a comment from somewhere on this list that the Wabash cars were 10'4" IH. 

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of the L&N rebuilds I've found over the years. 

Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England

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