Re: Murphy Ends

Tony Thompson

Dave Wetterstroem  wrote:
I am researching Hocking Valley/Chesapeake & Ohio box cars to create a 3d printed model. The cars were built in 1924-25 with wood sides but were converted to steel sides in the early 40's. The ends are marked as being Murphy 7/8 ends, but I am questioning my eyes as to whether they are convex or concave. I am thinking concave or inverted but I am not 100% certain. This particular car has a Murphy Radial roof, but other cars in a similar series had an early C-C Viking roof. My thought is that there are at least 12 variations of these cars with different sides, doors and roofs. 

So what say you? Convex or Concave.

I”d say concave. And BTW, to me, the word “inverted” means “upside down,” that is, rotated around a horizontal axis. This present case I would interpret as rotated around a vertical axis. I call such a type “reversed,” though I know there is not necessarily agreement on this.

Tony Thompson

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