Re: Colors by Freight Car Type by Railroad

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Chuck and List Members,

That is a pretty tall request, Chuck!

At a minimum, paint technology and chemistry changed enormously between 'the 19-teens' until 'those years on into the time when photography could show color'. With a change of paint technology would come a change in color, perhaps slight at first and incremental over the years, and certainly changes in paint fade and weathering characteristics.

It might be more fruitful if you have a specific road you are interested in, to focus the question around that. For example, there has been extensive research and discussion regarding what is an appropriate color to use for the PRR in the 1920s? The 1940s? The 1960s? And formulations for these era-specific PRR colors have been developed.


Claus Schlund

On 23-Jan-23 13:58, Charles Greene wrote:

Anybody know if there is a source/sources either online or print showing the colors roads used for their freight cars in the 19-teens through the 1920s? I realize there wasn't color photography in that period, but I think (?) most roads stayed with the colors used in those years on into the time when photography could show color. 

Chuck Greene
St. Charles, IL

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