Re: pre PS1 box cars

Tim O'Connor

The IC continued to buy whole or partial kits for a much longer time period. But these particular
PS-0 (sorry) cars were not purchased by the IC nor were they sold as kits.

This is the IC car built in 1947 (29500-30499). If they were a PS kit they still included SRE dreadnaught
ends and SRE rectangular panel roofs. Pullman Standard built whatever the buyer wanted, welded or riveted,
with or without PS proprietary parts.

On 1/25/2023 1:43 PM, Jeffrey White wrote:

Are these the "kit cars" PS sold to the railroads prior to the PS1s?  I have some documentation the IC bought some and built them at their Centralia Car Shops in 1947.

Jeff White

Alma IL

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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