Rapido ACR boxcars

B.L. Griffith

I noticed Rapido’s newsletter is re-announcing their order deadline for the UP ACR boxcar.

I glossed over them when they first announced them, because not being that well versed on UP prototypes, I just couldn’t tell from their announcement burbs if any were the same as, or suitable for, the SP B-50-24 Overnight car. Outside of resin or brass, no one has ever done a completely accurate one, at least in HO.  The early metal Athearn version, primitive as it was, at least modeled the ACR sides.  I wouldn’t use an expensive RTR model for kit bash fodder, but would have considered at least one, if it were close enough to simply repaint.

Because of the Overnight paint schemes, this class of boxcar was easily the most distinctive, iconic, and recognizable of SP boxcars.  Rapido appear to have done the 10’ IH 10 panel sides, straight panel roof, improved dreadnaught ends w/poling pockets, and interim improved Youngstown 6’ door needed for a SP car in their various versions, so I was definitely surprised they didn’t offer a correct SP car in at least one paint scheme.  They could have chosen either of the Overnight schemes, black or silver, or even done one in boxcar red as most were later painted. 

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