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Tim O'Connor

On 1/27/2023 11:09 AM, mopacfirst wrote:

I'm doing my first Rydarowicz kit for an MDT steel reefer (11000 - 12000 series) with Despatch ends and roof.  I have a couple more, and some roof and ends sets, so this won't be a one-off.  Not sure that the following are my only questions, but it'll be good for a start.  First, I do have the Hinman book and several rr-fallenflags photos.  

What brake gear and wheel are used?  Photos show a cast steel six-spoke wheel, and I think I have some of those.  Are there any sources for the rectangular two-step stirrup under the door?  Bracket grabs and tackboards and lower-right end grab are coming from my Branchline stash.  Is there consistency on whether fan drives are present or not?  Looks like there is only one lower end grab, on the right side (not one under the end ladder).  I missed this detail when I started on the ends.

Side note -- I built one of the MDT 9000 series cars years ago, right after the IM R-40-23 kit came out.  I cut up and rearranged two sets of IM ends to get the R+2-4 end configuration.

I see a section on painting in the book.  Based on photos, a lot of cars have all-orange side hardware.  Were the sidesill tabs and under-door area always black, or did this change to all-orange at some point?

I'm modeling late fifties in Kansas, and I would note that until the early 70s you could see an occasional MDT reefer on the MoPac, delivering bananas most likely.  Never saw a Lackawanna one, but IC and GM&O and NYC were represented, along with maybe half of them with no herald.

I see the newer sans-serif lettering began in 1956.  If they followed a regular painting schedule, I assume by the late fifties many of them would have this lettering style rather than the older Roman style.

Anything else I should know?

Ron Merrick

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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