Re: Artificial Intelligence, the hobby and the USRA

A&Y Dave in MD

Meaningful work to whom?  I’m sure the negotiation and lawsuits on reimbursement and value were meaningful to someone after control was returned to railroads by USRA.  Not meaningful to modelers? sure but that was a fairly broad statement of no meaningful work.

Human or AI, communication needs clarification of scope and elucidation of meaning. Meaning is tied to emotion. AI is fascinating but mostly adds to confusion at this point. Meaning and creating meaning are much harder than regurgitating more common relationships among the near infinite permutations of available words.

USRA is meaningful because we care, find pleasure or happiness in getting it right when building that era freight car (or in learning history, etc).  The meaning of facts are like cows—if you stare at them in the face long enough, they run away.

David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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