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ron christensen

Centerville Iowa had working coal mines on the Rock
Island into the late 70's. The last mine delivered
coal to a platform where a dump truck would fill a
Ron Christensen

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Subject: [STMFC] CRIP Seley Hoppers
Where were the Rock's on-line coal mines? I don't
think they got into
Illinois coal fields.


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<< The Rock Island had a group of Seley hoppers.
There was one pictured
their historical publication about coal mining on
the line. >>

By weight, coal went from the #1 commodity hauled to
the #2:

1920: 6.198M tons out of 29.687M total
1935: 2.771M tons out of 19.949M total
1950: 4.819M tons out of 38.140M total

According to Lloyd Stagner's "Rock Island Motive
Power 1933-1955",


Although coal was one of the more impor-
tant tonnage items, the Rock Island was defi-
nitely not a "coal-road." Mines were served in
Illinois, Iowa, and the McAlester district of
Oklahoma. And most of the coal bured in RI
steam locomotives was secured at on-line mines
in Iowa and Illinois. Coal tonnage dropped off
with conversion to natural gas by industries and
power plants. Some of the coal handled was
received from eastern connections at Chicago
and moved to plants in states served by Rock




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